Sport fishing tours in Nicaragua


Fishing in Nicaragua

Fishing off San Juan del Sur on the south-western coast

Several fishing charters are available from the beach town San Juan del Sur (SJdS) in the south-western part of Nicaragua, including charters that come equipped with fishing equipment for more than one fishing technique. Examples of fish commonly caught in the sea off SJdS are black marlin, dorado, yellowfin tuna, sailfish, and mackerel. April through November is considered the prime fishing season both inshore and offshore. Fishing is still possible in December – March, including fishing trips that target black tuna and white tuna.

yellowfin tuna

yellowfin tuna

The beach town San Juan del Sur hosts two annual fishing tournaments. The one that takes place on the last weekend in June tends to attract a lot of sports fishers from outside SJdS, while the contest held the second weekend of November is more of a local panga tournament with a strong community feel to it.

Artisanal fishing from Zapatera Island in Lake Nicaragua

Off the beaten path, anglers looking for something a bit special go to Zapatera Island to practice artisanal fishing along the shores of Sonzapote bay in Lake Nicaragua. This is the largest lake in Central America and it is connected with the Caribbean via the San Juan River. Anglers are transported in a small local boat and provided with simple throwing nets. Examples of commonly caught fish are mojarras and guapote.

Fishing in Rio San Juan

The San Juan River is a 192 km long river in southern Nicaragua that connects Lake Nicaragua with the Caribbean Sea and forms a large section of the border to Costa Rica. The Cañas–Jerez Treaty states that the river water is in Nicaragua, but that Costa Rica can use it for commercial navigation on certain parts of the river at Nicaragua’s discretion. Among anglers, this river is especially famous for its jungle tarpon.

Fishing from Bluefields

Bluefields is the main town on the Caribbean side of Nicaragua. Examples of fish commonly caught off Bluefields are snook, snapper, hound fish, grouper, machacas, and jack crevalle.

Fishing from Big Corn Island

There are dive shops on Big Corn Island that can arrange scuba diving spear fishing trips targeting lionfish. The lionfish is an invasive species that is causing problems in the Caribbean Sea, so removing them from the ecosystem is strongly encouraged. Spearfishing is a good way to specifically target the lionfish.